Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A few good sites...

Check out today's article in the Lewisporte Pilot about the discovery of the Change Island's Cache by Neil White and Marion Adams.  There are some great details about the find in the article: Change Islands Couple Makes a Rare Find.  If you'd like to see photos of all the artifacts, then check out this earlier Elfshot post: Change Islands Cache.

Inside Newfoundland and Labrador Archaeology: Digging through the files.  If the Change Islands Cache story whet your appetite for Newfoundland and Labrador archaeology, then check out this new blog from an archaeologist working in the Province.  The author is in a unique position to highlight some of the Province's archaeology and history that might be sitting in a cabinet or on a hard drive, just waiting to be dusted off and shared with a wider audience.

Magnetic North: Arctic Studies at the Smithsonian  This blog is only a few weeks old, and holds a lot of promise.  There is already a post on a film project with Innu youth in Labrador and a link to the Arctic Studies website - where you can get lost reading for days.

Spindrift Handkints: Its a poorly kept secret that field archaeologists in this province shop at Spindrift.  You wouldn't have to search too hard on the Elfshot blog to find a picture of Lori wearing a knitted moose flap cap by Spindrift.  They have a brand new website, which showcases some of their traditional and contemporary designs, including Rune hats with Newfoundland sayings and my personal favourite - the Seafaring Compass Cap, which has a magnetic button on the top in place of a pom pom.

Photo Credits: Screen Captures from linked sites.

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