Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Lori!

Its Lori Day in town! It only comes once a year, but it stays for 365 days.

Here are a couple photos that may or may not have been taken last summer. The person depicted in the moose flap cap is doing top secret research for an un-named archaeology subcontractor hired by a mysterious international environmental consulting agency. The unspecified agency was hired to prepare a confidential feasibility study for the development of a resource that I can't tell you about by a nameless client at an undisclosed location in Nunavut.

Here's an interesting thing about Lori that you might not know. She has the ability to call seals. She was trained in the technique by Inuit friends from Pond Inlet and Iglulik. Here she is perched on a seal calling rock at the ocean's edge. She'll take a beach cobble and rub it against the boulder. The grumbling vibrations travel through the water and if there is a seal nearby his curiousity will draw him towards the sound. Using this technique she was able to entice this bearded seal close enough to the shore to have his photo taken.

This fellow was eventually released from her siren call and swam away unharmed. Which was lucky for him -- boiled bearded seal tastes like a fish pork-chop. mmm......

Photo Credits:
Left, Ainslie Cogswell
Right & Bottom, Tim Rast


  1. That is too cool! Love the blog Tim and your work. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.
    Have a grateful day
    Niki T Hollahan(craft council member)

  2. Thanks, Niki! So far I'm having a lot of fun with the blog. Its great to be able to avoid the html that comes with having to update a webpage. You guys on the West Coast seem to be setting the gold standard for active bloggers! I visited your site a couple of times - I didn't realize that you worked ski patrol - my step-brother does ski patrol and avalanche control on a hill in Alberta.

  3. Tim, you have a most talented and useful wife. Does she also call moose?

    Happy Belated Birthday, Lori!!


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