Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Projects

Whalebone knife and slate knife
I'm back in the workshop and filling orders.  I have a handful of requests for custom Arctic and Newfoundland and Labrador artifact reproductions.  These photos are in progress shots of a set of late 18th century tools that will be used in a locally filmed TV series.  The tools include whalebone, antler, slate, iron, bird, and caribou bone knives, needles, and other implements.  They aren't based on specific artifacts, but it's important that they have the right feel and should look at home in the Arctic above Hudson Bay 250 years ago.   It's giving me a chance to revisit some of my favourite reproductions over the years, with a bit of freedom to try making some tool forms that have been on my wishlist as well.

Needle case blank and needles

A slate and whalebone knife, based on artifacts form Northern Labrador. 
Assorted bone, stone, and metal knives.

A roughed out adze blank.
 Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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