Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ground Stone Tools

Ground Slate
 I just need one more day to finish up this order and get it shipped.  Unfortunately, I have two days of CPR/First Aid training starting tomorrow morning, so that one day of work probably won't get done until the weekend.  The order is already late, but I was really hoping that I could get it all together and shipped before the start of th First Aid course.  It sucks, but I tried.  I hate missing deadlines, but even worse is there are some cool pieces in the order and I'm not able to take the time to really enjoy them.  Here's a look at the finished Maritime Archaic ground slate lances and a few slate and spruce ulus that are almost ready to be lashed and glued together.

The red slate lances have been oiled.  The grey slate ulus are still dry, but they'll take a nice gloss too once I add a bit of oil to them.  I'd really like to get the lashing and glue on them tonight so that they can dry overnight.
Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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