Friday, June 1, 2012

Choris Reproductions

Obsidian Choris Points
Two by two, I'm working through the Cape Krusenstern order.  The most recent reproductions to go into the finished box are a pair of Choris points and Choris bifaces.  I'd mentioned the diagonal flaked Choris points before, but it turns out that the original artifact was made from obsidian.  Since it was the only obsidian artifact found at this particular site its material type was important enough to redo the point in the correct material.  Its not a bother - I get to keep those little flint Choris points that I made a few weeks ago.

The reddish mud coating the bi-pointed biface on the left helps match the original artifact.

A dozen or so pieces are finished, although I do keep going back and tweak the antiquing. The more layers of mud or staining that goes on a reproduction the more depth and age the piece takes on.

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