Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Alberta Knapping Part 2

First point, first arrow - wow!
On the second day of knapping, there were 15 of us at the University of Calgary making arrows, hanging out and chatting.  We saw a few different fluting and indirect percussion techniques.  We made spokeshaves and used flakes to strip the bark from the willow shafts for the arrows.  There were also a few dowels and hardwood arrow shafts thrown into the mix.  A couple guys had their own hafting projects, including a scraper and knife pair hafted in rib handles and a big spear shaft for the Clovis point.  Thanks again to the Archaeological Society of Alberta for putting on a great weekend!

Straightening a willow arrow shaft over heat.

A lot of wood and stone working

Scraper and knife drying in rib handles.

Looking down the end of a drying arrow.

We used pitch and sinew for hafting the points.

Jackie's first point and first arrow - great work!

Jackie's obsidian arrowhead on a hardwood shaft.

I like the pattern in this willow arrow.

Mike made the shaft for Rick's Clovis spear point.  One of the coolest projects that I've seen come out of these workshops.

This is going to look great with a rawhide binding.  I'll try to get an update when the spear is done and ready to be raffled.
 Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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