Friday, February 24, 2012

Pond Inlet, Nunavut

Snow covered komatik
I spent a few days in Pond Inlet earlier this week attending some meetings.  Here are a few shots from around town.  The sun is up for 7 or 8 hours a day now, and the temperatures hovered below minus 30 while I was there.  The sky was pretty hazy most of the time, but on the way to the airport it cleared enough that I could see the mountains surrounding the town and across the water on Bylot Island.

Pond Inlet, Nunavut

Skins and sleds around town.

Most of the community residents are Inuit and the first language is Inuktitut.

On a clear day, there would be mountains in the background.  The land edge disappears under the snow into Eclipse Sound.

Sled dogs are kept on the ice during the winter.

A shed on the sea ice and an iceberg frozen in place in Eclipse Sound.

A narwhal inside the Library.  Narwhal hunting is very important to the community.

The hotel in town.  Great rooms.

The mountains on Bylot Island, with the town in the foreground. 

I hope to return soon.
Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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