Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spain and France Holiday Snaps

Happy Face in Sarlat, France
I'm home again.  Lori and I just returned from a spectacular two week trip to Europe.  This was pure vacation - we drank and ate our way through cities, towns, and countryside across northern Spain and southwestern France.  We traveled with our friends John and Elaine, who are also archaeologists, so we geeked out on palaeolithic cave art sites, medieval towns and bronze age dolmens.  We brought back books and art and I have over 3700 photos and movies on my camera alone.  I suspect that over the next few weeks several more photos and stories from this trip will show up here.
John strolling a country road alongside the vineyards in the Rioja region of Spain
Inside the aquarium in San Sebastien, Spain

San Sebastien, Spain
Sarlat, France

Lori relaxing in Bilbao, Spain
The Old Man from La Chapelle aux Saints (A reconstruction of the first complete Neandertal skeleton)
La Playa de la Concha in San Sebastien, Spain

Sarlat, France by moonlight.
Photo Credits: Tim Rast


  1. I went to the market in Sarlat once - way back in 1988. The following fall I went off to college and took intro to archaeology. I kicked myself when I realized I had been in the heart of the Dordogne and had not realized its archaeological significance.

    Also - I enjoy the non-archaeology related posts. It's kind of cool to see what archaeologists do in their free time.


  2. Sarlat kind of snuck up on us. We knew that we wanted to stay in the area to visit sites like Lascaux and La Chapelle aux Saints, but we weren't expecting Sarlat itself to be so amazing. Originally we planned to stay there two nights but we wound up staying four. Even so, it was no where near enough time to see everything. We missed the market day, entirely. A must for next time...

  3. Ah...strolling a country road alongside the vineyards in the Rioja region of Spain...I need to do more of that!

  4. Yes indeed - I think you were taking the long way back to the car from the second Dolmen.

  5. Tim, ditch the archaeology and become a photographer! These are amazing - I'm so jealous, I hope it was every bit as good as it looks!


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