Friday, September 30, 2011

Momentarily Home

Paperwork aplenty
I'm still not really home.  This is more of a stop over in St. John's to change planes.  Next week I'm off again - this time for a two week vacation with friends in Spain and France.  I'm trying to get another batch of paperwork done before leaving so that I don't have it hanging over my head during the trip.  I think I'm looking forward to being home for good in three weeks as much as I'm looking forward to the vacation.

A few earrings in stock
I've had a few Elfshot inquiries since I got back.  At the moment, I have a few reproductions and pieces of jewelry on hand, and have one or two small projects lined up before Christmas, but I really won't be back in the workshop in a big way until the New Year.  I'll be available for workshops and demonstrations from the end of October on and if you are thinking about having any reproductions made before next spring, now would be a good time to contact me about them.  My studio time is going to be very limited and its filling up fast.

My view for the winter
I need to commit several months this winter to report writing and preparation for next year's fieldwork.  Its the necessary evil in order to get to spend the fantastic summers working in the north.  If I don't do a good job fulfilling the obligations of this year's permit I won't be able to get a permit to go back next year.  At the moment, that means updating Site Record Forms to submit to CLEY (Culture, Language, Elders, and Youth) the department responsible for overseeing all archaeological work done in Nunavut.  Every archaeological site has its own set of site record forms which contain basic information about the location, contents, and condition of that site.  One of the conditions of holding an archaeological permit in Nunavut is submitting site record forms for all the new sites found and any sites revisited within 60 days of returning from the field.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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