Monday, February 7, 2011

More Knapping and Arctic Artifact Reproductions Coming Up

I miss them already!
I sent off the first batch of Central Arctic artifact reproductions to the client late last week.  I sent out the fox bone necklace, the needle case, shuttle, the copper and bone needles, thimble, and arrow.  That leaves 10 of the 17 pieces left to complete.  With the exception of the arrow, most of the seven items in the first batch were fairly simple pieces.  Even the necklace, which had a lot of parts, was still a single type of bone hung on a sinew cord.

I need this scraper to shrink.
The rest of the pieces tend to be a little more complex, composite pieces with more parts and materials.  There's a lot of antler and bits of metal, horn, wood, and leather left to cut, shape and join together.  I have most of them started and ideally I'll get them all finished before I head out west for a week at the end of February.  We'll see.  Maybe.

 harpoon heads in progress
If you are in the Calgary area at the end of the month, Jason Roe and I will be teaching full day flintknapping workshops at the University of Calgary on February 27th.  If you've never tried flintknapping before, Jason will help you get started in the Beginner Workshop.  All of the tools and stone that you need will be provided.  If you know the basics but want to hang out and maybe try some new things, I'll be leading the Advanced Workshop at the same time.  I had a great time last year - you can read about the 2010 Flintknapping Workshop in Calgary.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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