Monday, January 3, 2011

Shoal Harbour Holidays

Shoal Harbour Manor
We're back from Christmas and New Years at the cabin.  The Cabin this year was Shoal Harbour Manor in Shoal Harbour, about 2 hours outside of St. John's.    Our cabins seem to get bigger every year.

It was a good trip, with lots of reading, feasting and playing games.  The boys were in charge of purchasing the food and planning the meals this year, so that went very smoothly.  We had traditional Christmas Eve Nachos, Christmas Lasagna, and New Year's Tacos.  Of course the New Year's Tacos were accompanied by two pitchers of Lori's New Year's Margaritas and followed by Elaine getting out the clippers and shearing John and I with festive 2011 mohawks.

The sitting room

After the mohawk came the neck tattoo

Nuts were popular with everyone

Shoal Harbour Crow

A walk in the woods

I'd hoped for snow, but we got spring instead.

The crows would escort every other bird off the property.

Breakfast in the kitchen/sun room

Shoal Harbour manor entrance

A very mild holiday for this time of year

Strategizing over Agricola in the dining room

Fireworks over the harbour

Happy New Year!

Where is the snow?

Photo Credits:
1, 5-16: Tim Rast
2-3: Lori White
4: Elaine Anton


  1. Great photos Tim! Are you still sporting your festive hairdo? I must say that I do miss my daily intake of a 1/2lb of salty mixed nuts.

  2. Is there room for one more next year? Happy New Year Tim and Lori. xxxb

  3. The haircut is still here until at least tomorrow.

    I don't know Brenda, its a pretty gruelling regime. Not everyone is up to this sort of dedicated lounging.


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