Monday, November 15, 2010

Planning out another week

Need to get this harpoon back on the wall
On Saturday, Lori and I went out to Glovertown to pick up Andrew.  It was a much nicer day than when I took him out at the start of the week.  We spent the rest of the weekend doing a bit of shopping around St. John's.  Today is mostly an office day.  I need to get caught up on some e-mails and paperwork.  There is still a pile of stuff in the front hallway to put away from the classroom visit on Friday.

Quttinirpaaq microblade to copy
It doesn't look like I'll get into the workshop today, but come tomorrow I need to get back to the Quttinirpaaq reproductions for Parks Canada.  I also have a Central Arctic style Inuit drum to make this week, which means steam bending wood again. I'll be using oak or poplar for this build, which should help make the bending go a little easier than the pine that I was bending last year.  It'll be interesting to see how the drum turns out - its going to be a prop in a museum display and someone else is going to finish the antiquing on the "skin".  So when I'm done with it, it will have an antiqued wooden frame and drumstick, but a clean cotton canvas skin.  Its doesn't actually have to be playable, but if its built right it should still turn out to be a functional drum.  

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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