Friday, June 19, 2009

Timmy, Kimmy, Annie, and Danny

This Sunday is father's day, but more importantly it marks the end of a 6 month bet that Lori and I have with her Dad. On December 21st, 2008, he wagered $50 that Premier Danny Williams would leave office within 6 months. If Danny hangs in there for the rest of the weekend, then Lori and I can collect.

These photos are a couple years old now, from when members of the Craft Council Executive and the Executive Director met the Premier to sign a declaration naming "Craft Year 2007" in the Province.

This carving was displayed in the Premier's office and was a gift from Paul McCartney, following their war of words over the seal hunt. To me, the carving looks like someone hunting a seal, but maybe McCartney imagines he is the walrus, protecting the seal. Coo coo cachoo. I'm sorry, I can't remember who the carver was - perhaps someone reading can recall.

I don't really want to turn this into a political post and I haven't forgotten that one of Danny's first acts as premier was to delay the opening of The Rooms by one year to save $1 Million. However, since then he bought a bright yellow fibre optic necklace from me at the Folk Festival for his grand-daughter. He hung out in the craft booth watching the Accordion Revolution while his grand-daughter tried her hand at turning clay on the CCNL wheel. Which was much more support than certain other politicians I've seen at Craft Fairs, like the one who joked about how happy he was that he didn't bring his wallet. I made $50 from Danny on that necklace, and he deserves at least partial credit for the $50 we are going to collect from Lori's Dad.

Happy Father's Day!

Photo Credits: Jay Kimball

Photo Captions:
Top: Left side, Tim Rast and Kim Marshall, Right side Anne Manuel and Danny Williams. (or as Christine LeGrow captioned the photo - Timmy, Kimmy, Annie, and Danny)
Bottom: Carving in the Premier's Office.


  1. Some people may think taking $50 off your Dad on Father's Day a bit cheeky but if you knew my Dad you'd know he lives for political banter around the dinner table (the gas pump, the grocery store, the wharf...). His downfall, however, would be putting a price on the strength of his argument. As his daughter, I could not pass up the opportunity to call him on it - it would be disrespectful.
    I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day :-)

  2. Holy collective unconscious. I've been trying to send that image to the CCF since yesterday afternoon.


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