Friday, February 20, 2015

And then there are those days...

Yesterday, the quartzite scraper was finished, I just needed to compare it with the original Pre-Dorset artifact one last time before I declared it "done".  I was walking across the parking lot at The Rooms on the way to visit the Ikaahuk collection, when I dropped the box containing the reproductions. The scraper I was making snapped in two when it hit the asphalt.  Usually when I break stuff, its in the workshop as I'm building it.  This is just humiliating.  
Other pieces are slowly taking shape.  On this Thule harpoon head, I need to intentionally break off three of the four barbs in order to match the original.  Hopefully those breaks can happen with a little bit more control than the scraper break.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast


  1. It's really deflating to drop a piece of knappery and hear it break. I hate when that happens. I guess the old people must have had sayings, curses and rules related to that.

  2. Maybe that's why the harpoons had so many carvings on them. All the better to prevent such disasters and hit their targets.

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