Wednesday, October 30, 2013

62 Million Things to Do

Finished Pressure Flakers
Office days are always hard to write about.  I usually build my blog posts around a few photos taken during the day.  So if I'm not working on something tangible, I find it hard to come up with a topic worth documenting.  Most of this week I've been answering e-mails and preparing lists, agendas, and powerpoint presentations for upcoming meetings and workshops.  I've been able to dart out to the shed from time-to-time to work on all those little projects that I'm trying to finish up.  When my Dad would get busy, he'd say that he had "62 million things to do."  I don't have that many, but there's enough.  I completed two dozen pressure flakers and I'm close to finishing the slate and nephrite endblades that I started last week.  Half of the pressure flakers are for upcoming workshops and the other half are for flintknapping kits for the lithic analysis class being offered at MUN next semester.

This hole was filled back in by noon, but then they dug two
more just as big
There are also all kinds of house related jobs on the go. The last 12 months has seen nearly continuous work in and around the house. Maybe we put off necessary maintenance too long or we're just having a string of bad luck, but it really seems like we've been hit by a lot of surprise upkeep this year.  Some was voluntary, like putting new clapboard and windows in, but others, like the leaks in the roof and the sewer upgrades, were unavoidable.  There is a big sewer upgrade happening on our street right now and they've started ripping up the road right in front of our house.  This isn't even the main upgrade - this is just one of the little holes that they dig to hook up the temporary pipes so that they can rip up the whole street and put in the really big pipes.  The big dig will probably hit our section of street early next spring when they start up again, so there's really no end in sight to living in a construction zone.
Lori raking the back lawn.  At least this side of the house looks peaceful.
Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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