Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring flowers and orders

The bulbs are up.
We've been getting alternating days of spring and winter for the past few weeks, but the spring days seem to be winning.  It was sunny and warm today and the bulbs we planted last fall are popping up through the dead grass, wood chips, and cigarette butts that have melted out of the backyard.  Spring cleaning time, I guess.

Ready to sign 
Back in the shed, I'm still plugging away at a few Beothuk arrowheads and Groswater and Dorset endblades for a jewellery order for a store in Gros Morne.  I should be able to get the whole order wrapped up well before the end of the week and move on to some other projects.  With the nice weather it was a little easier to get motivated to head outside to work today.

These points will all be turned into earrings for Java Jacks in Rocky Harbour.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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