Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring cleaning

Water damage sucks
I'm still poking away at orders and editing papers, but its really starting to feel like spring here and I've been puttering around the house working on little projects that have been on my mind or in the way throughout the winter.  I'm really not the sort of person who procrastinates by cleaning (my office is proof of that) but for some reason the jobs around the house and yard are seeming more interesting to me than my actual work at the moment.  We had a recurring leak in the kitchen ceiling for an embarrassingly long time and last November it finally came to a head with big patches of paint and plaster falling down.  I tore out a big section of the ceiling to try and find the source of the water.  It turned out that all of the fittings in the bathtub upstairs were leaking and needed to be repaired.  Its been several months now since there has been any sign of a leak, so I'm patching up the hole in the ceiling.  There are a few more sanding and plaster layers to go before its ready to paint, but this is already a big improvement over the gaping black void in the kitchen ceiling and the previous water damage.

It still needs sanding, more drywall compound and paint, but at least there's no more hole or leak.

Photo Credit: Tim Rast

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