Monday, November 5, 2012

Doing stuff

Back in the shed!
I still have a fair bit of computer mapping left to do this fall, but I've been getting a little stir crazy trying to make myself sit at the computer all day.  I got a first draft of the site plans done last week, so I've been looking for slightly more active tasks around the house.  I have a handful of Elfshot orders that I've been slow to start, but I finally got into the shed today to start work on a harpoon for one of the guys that I work with during the summer.  There are a couple other small knapping projects and an atlatl dart to make before Christmas.

Lori and I did a few little jobs around the house this weekend.  We planted 150 crocus bulbs in the back yard.  One of the downsides of long seasons in the field is that we don't really get to enjoy the yard in the summer.  Planting bulbs seems like a good fit for our lifestyle.  They go into the ground later in the season when we are home and they come up early enough in the spring that we are still here to enjoy them.
If you've been to our house you will have probably noticed that we've been painting the porch door for a couple of years.  Sadly, that painting project is finally coming to a conclusion.  Another couple coats and it should be hanging up again sometime tomorrow.  I'll miss the green tape.

This harpoon is a good place to get started back in the shed.  The guy I'm making it for gave me detailed plans to work from.  Its an interesting piece.  It isn't specific to any one culture, but combines stylistic elements from all the different archaeological cultures that he's worked on. 
 Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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