Monday, November 26, 2012

Award Winning Pie!

On Saturday night, we got together with a couple dozen friends for a pie themed party called Pie Fest 2012. Every person or couple had to bring a home made pie, which we sampled throughout the evening.  As the night went on, we voted for our favourite pie in four different categories; Best Overall Pie, Best Tasting Sweet Pie, Best Tasting Savoury Pie and Best Looking Pie.  There were 24 different pies, representing a mix of savoury and sweet.  The night's big winners were the Caribou Pie, Apple and Ginger Pie, Steak, Kidney, and Guiness Pie, and Lori's Black Bottom Chocolate Pie, which took home the prize for Best Looking Pie.

These are just the sweet desert pies.  The kitchen was full of savoury meat and vegetarian pies, as well.
This is my entry; a Pecan Pie.  Its only the second pie that I ever made.  The first carbonized instead of carmelized earlier in the day, but I had time to make a second, passable, pie.

This is Lori's Award Winning Black Bottom Chocolate Pie - Best Looking Pie - Pie Fest 2012, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.
Photo Credits: Elaine Anton


  1. Your Pecan Pie was delicious, Tim! If the budget had allowed for it, you would have been crowned Pie King 2012.

  2. we will be expecting each of you to recreate your pies this summer :)

  3. How do I get my name on the participation list for Pie Fest 2013?


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