Monday, October 8, 2012

CNEHA Display

Archaic Axe, Dorset Knife, Choris Pot
 Thanks to the Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology organizers for pulling off a great conference in St. John's this past week.  Thanks to Gillian and the book room volunteers for looking after my display pieces for me.  I put 10 of my favourite pieces out for folks to view and handle.  Alas, nothing broke, so I can't study breakage patterns or usewear attributable to throngs of bleary eyed academics.  Their elusive activities left no visible trace on this small collection of material culture.  I can barely detect the faint smell of their strong black coffee; I doubt it will last the week.

Beothuk Pendant reproduction in the foreground and walrus bone pressure flaker in the back

ground slate ulu with whalebone handle

Choris pot

Palaeoeskimo side-hafted microblade

The pelts are harp seal on the left and ringed seal on the right
Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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