Friday, July 29, 2011

The Power of Tunniq

After admiring Germaine Arnaktauyok's work for several years, we finally picked up one of her prints from Iqaluit Fine Arts Studio this week.  Its called The Power of Tunniq and I can't wait to see it framed and hanging in our house!  The people that archaeologists call the Dorset or Palaeoeskimo, are called Tunit (Tunniq, singular) by the Inuit.  The Tunit lived in the Eastern Arctic before the Inuit came and there are many Inuit legends about them, including their prodigious strength.  The Tunit were said to be so powerful that they could fling a walrus on their back and carry it home from the hunt.
Germain Arnaktauyok, The Power of Tunniq, 2006

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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