Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A few little old reproductions from Labrador

This is a little set of miniature ivory Thule harpoon heads that I made a few years ago for an archaeologist working in Northern Labrador.  Miniatures can be informative, because they sometimes show how composite pieces were assembled.  For example, the endblade on the little harpoon head on the right would have been metal or ground stone on a full scale harpoon head.  The miniature gives a clue to the relative proportions and fit of the endblade on an actual harpoon head. The business card/photo scale is also pretty cool - I need to have some made up for Elfshot.
Both of these points are made from quartz and are based on artifacts from Labrador.  I remember the white quartz being particularly difficult to work.  I like the look of the clear quartz endblade - I definitely need to make more of those.  It was a few years back - but I believe these ones were made for the archaeologist who found the originals.  
Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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