Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Summer, Another Pile of Gear on the Floor

I leave for the field tomorrow.  Of course, the day after my flight was booked, Air Canada employees served 72 hour strike notice to walk out 16 hours before I'm scheduled to fly out of St. John's.  Canada Post started rotating strikes across the country in the last weeks that I was trying to wrap up and ship the final Elfshot orders of the spring, so a strike from Air Canada seems like an appropriate way to kick-off the field season.  I wonder what the chances are that the mosquitoes won't show up for work in July?

Wednesday is my first pre-scheduled post of the summer.  I'll poke my head in from time to time and let you know how the summer is going.

Take care,

Photo Credits: Tim Rast


  1. This reminds me that the summer of 2011 is the first summer since 1992 with no plans to do any archaeological field work!

  2. That's a long streak to break! Do you think you'll make it to the fall without popping out somewhere?


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