Friday, May 13, 2011

Round and Round Again...

Earrings and Necklaces to assemble
I suppose its appropriate that its Friday the 13th, considering what a nightmare our house has become because of all these partially completed orders.  If I can work through the weekend, I should be able to get my biggest wholesale order of the season finished and delivered to the Historic Sites Association by Monday.  That will clear a big physical and mental space for the next round of projects.

The handles still need finishing
Lori is heading out the door to her niece's birthday party and asked what I'm doing this evening.  I said the same thing I've been doing for the past month; filling wholesale orders.  I also have this blog post to write about the same thing that I've been blogging about for the past month; filling wholesale orders.  She said; "Good.  Its important that they know the monotony of it."  So there you go.  Now you know the monotony of wholesale artifact reproduction and archaeology inspired jewelry making.  *sigh*  More on Monday.

An acrylite jewelry display case.  Needs to be shipped to Manitoba  in the next week or so.

Caribou bone pin blanks soaking in borax.  I'll probably do another boil on them this evening to help with the degreasing.

Groswater Palaeoeskimo Knife.  This thing is pretty much finished.  I used an old bow drill spindle for the handle.  I carved off most of the usewear, but there's still enough poking through that it helps with character and antiquing.

Dozens of flintknapping kits taking up floor space until I can deliver and/or ship them.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast


  1. Keep on truckin'!
    I think this is the time of year to get bored with our jobs. I've been trying to get all of my prints that haven't sold over the last few years sorted out and packaged so that they have better visability in the studio- They've been piled up on my counter for at least a month, while I find everything else in the world to do but finish those. And I should be able to do it all in a couple of days. *sigh*


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