Friday, May 27, 2011

New Photo Scales: A little more gear

New Photo Scales
I'm winding down Elfshot for the summer and gearing up for fieldwork.  My to-do list is slowly changing from flintknapping wholesale and one-of-a-kind reproductions to gathering equipment and supplies for a couple months of work in Nunavut.  My head is still pretty much in Elfshot mode, but in less than a month I'll need to have everything wrapped up and be ready to head north.   Lori picked up some new rain gear for me at Mercer's Marine in Clarenville earlier this week.

1 metre scale in a small caribou blind
Today,  a new 1 metre scale and north arrow came in the mail from The Trowel Shop in Montreal.  The scale splits into two 50cm pieces which makes it handy to carry on a backpack and the round cross-section means that it doesn't have a front or back and looks the same in every photo.  Each coloured band is 10 cm long.

Back of North Arrow
The north arrow has 1cm and 10cm divisions and a list of common hypotenuses on the back.  We use hypotenuses all the time to measure the diagonals of grids when we set up units on a site.  So the table is a handy little chart to have close to hand.  Both photo scales came with their own cloth bags with velcro closures to help cut wear and tear when they're not in use.  

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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  1. Thanks for the link to The Trowel Shop! I've been searching online for photographic scales and up until you provided that link, all the sites I had found so far were out of country and shipping costs were ridiculous.

    On a side note, I've heard of your blog before, but I'm excited to rediscover it!


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