Monday, September 27, 2010

Tundra Buggy Gift Shop

Elfshot Fibre Optic Jewelry
Today I'm sending a jewelry order off to the Tundra Buggy Gift Shop in Churchill, Manitoba - The "Polar Bear Capital of the World". October and November is their busy season, as the bears gather at the coast, in anticipation of Hudson Bay's freeze-up. They need the ice to get out and hunt seals.  The Tundra Buggy is a little like a giant white school bus on monster truck tires that can safely take visitors and researchers into the bears' territory.

This is a part of the North that I haven't visited in person, but the more I learn about Churchill and nearby Wapusk National Park the more interested I become.  I can remember being enthralled by the photos of the bears and buggies as a kid, and working on the artifact reproductions for Wapusk last spring was a real treat.  I notice from the Parks Canada website, that Tundra Buggy Adventures is one of the authorized tour operators to bring visitors into the Park.

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1: Tim Rast
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  1. I am soooo Excited, I can't wait to get this stuff!!!! Thanks Tim for everything!!!


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