Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to Business

Points to notch
I just got home from a Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador board meeting.  I'm currently the Treasurer and board representative for the Human Resources committee.  We try to have board meetings every two months.  At the moment we have 19 board members, which is a lot of people to coordinate with, but we managed to get a quorum this morning and had some good discussions about finances (we're in pretty good shape) and the upcoming Craft Fair (still a few spaces available in the second half of the fair if you haven't booked yet).
Hurricane rations
This afternoon, I'm back to work in the workshop.  I missed a day of work on Wednesday from the effects of Hurricane Igor.  We didn't have any property damage, but I was without power for 24 hours.  The clock stopped at 3:14 on Tuesday afternoon and when I went to set the time after the power came on Wednesday afternoon it was reading the correct time, so it must have started up again at 3:14 on Wednesday.  My phone and internet came on a few hours after that and my e-mail and website ( came back online yesterday evening.  I lost a bit of food in the fridge, but the freezer seems fine.  I only had to prepare one meal over a propane torch, but it was kind of fun and since Lori is still out of town I might have another wiener roast in the fireplace this evening.

Obsidian, Fibre Optic and Recycled Glass
I'm working on a wholesale order of jewelry that I need to ship as early as possible next week.  I have all the blanks made and I'll get them notched this afternoon.  I'll take a bit of time to assemble them into necklaces and earrings on the weekend since I missed a day of work on Wednesday.  I usually try to keep to a 9 to 5 work schedule with Elfshot, just so it doesn't get overwhelming.  Its easy to always be at work when you are self-employed.  I'll make an exception this weekend, because the assembly can be done indoors with the TV on and I can sleep better when I'm making progress on an order.

Photo Credit: Tim Rast

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