Monday, July 27, 2009

Tely10 Run and Family Visit

Yesterday, I ran the Tely10 for the first time. My goal this year was just to finish the race and I did it! The clock said one hour and 34 minutes when I crossed the finish line, I was somewhere around 1400 out of 2600 runners. The official times will be posted soon and I'll update this post with my times. (posted here) With so many runners, I started near the back of the pack. It was a wet day and the start line was slippery so it took a while before I got to the official starting point of the race after the gun went. But everyone wore a little chip on our shoes that activated when we crossed the start line and recorded our time when we crossed the finish line. So everyone actually has two race times, a Gun Time that records when we crossed the finish line from the time the gun shot went and the Chip Time that records the time it took us to run the distance from the start line to the finish line.

Tim's Gun Time: 1:34:55
Tim's Chip Time: 1:33:26

Overall, I'm very happy - the training schedule provided on the Tely10 website did a fantastic job of preparing me for the race. Advice from friends helped alleviate the last minute nerves and gave me lots of good strategy points for different sections of the course. I'm stiff today in my legs and between my shoulders, but I think a short run later today will shake that loose again. I like the Tely10 training schedule so much that I'm starting it over again to lead up to The Run for the Cure in October. That's a 5k fun run to raise money for Breast Cancer research and one that myself and a group of friends have participated in for many years.

On Friday, my Aunt Janet and her man Chuck arrived in St. John's. They've been doing a lot of travelling over the past couple of years in their fifth wheel. This summer they drove from Calgary to Philedelphia to visit Chuck's son and while they were in the neighborhood, they swung through Atlantic Canada and came to Newfoundland. Its been great having them around, we did Signal Hill and Cape Spear on Friday and made a trip down to Ferryland on Saturday. Sunday was downtown St. John's and out to Portugal Cove-St. Phillip's for fish and chips.

It turns out Chuck is an archery instructor, and one of the Parks reproductions I'm working on is a yew bow in two pieces. We're going down to The Rooms this morning to look at the bow, I think he'll be able to see things on it that I'd be oblivious too, so I'm really looking forward to that. Its also nice to have family see what I do. Sometimes I have a difficult job explaining what exactly I do to make a living.

Photo Credits:
Top: Lori White
Middle & Bottom: Tim Rast

Photo Captions:
Top:Tely10 Raceday
Middle: Aunt Janet at the garden in Ferryland
Bottom: Chuck, Lori, and Janet at Cape Spear

2017 Gun Time: 1:44:30
2017 Chip Time: 1:41:38


  1. So proud of you, Tim!
    I wish I could have snapped a crossing-the-finish-line shot of you (.. and taken better photos overall, actually - sorry!).

    I hope to be in shape to join you on this run next year :-)

  2. I will pay you a LOT of money to Photoshop my sleep-deprived head out of that photo, Tim.

  3. Congrats Tim. I hope to join you in 2010 too.

  4. That would be great if you guys were there. There are so many people there that its pretty exciting.


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