Friday, July 3, 2009

Local Archaeology Blogs

Here are a few spots that I'm going to get my armchair archaeology fix from this summer. Check out these Newfoundland and Labrador archaeology blogs.

Signal Hill Archaeology: From the first week in July until the first week in August, the 2009 Memorial University Archaeology Field School will be taking place on the top of Signal Hill in St. John's. This blog will be written by students, staff, and the instructor; Amanda Crompton. Amanda and I started grad school at MUN at the same time in 1996 - Look at her now, Man! Now she DRIVES the school bus! You can read about their adventures online or pop by the dig the next time you climb the hill. Be sure to bring your uncle who'll ask them if someone lost a contact.

Burnside Archaeology: Another brand new archaeology blog. 2009 marks Laurie McLean's 20th season in the Burnside area, north of Terra Nova National Park. There's an Interpretation Centre to visit and boat tours to some of the province's oldest and most spectacular archaeological sites. This is the home of the iconic Beaches site and the Bloody Bay Cove Rhyolite Quarry. I love the Burnside Heritage Foundation's logo: I think its the cleverest archaeology logo I've ever seen.

Live Like Dirt: This is one of my favourite local blogs, written by Andrew Holmes, an undergraduate archaeology student at MUN. Incidentally, Andrew is taking the field school on Signal Hill this summer and he participated in my flintknapping workshop last Sunday. You can see his beer bottle point here. For a rational good time, rock and roll and weekly quizzes, Live Like Dirt is a great read.

Photo Credits & Captions: Screen grabs from the linked sites.


  1. Hmmm, I wonder if these blog owners would like to be added to the NL BlogRoll??

    Speaking of which, this blog of yours here has been selected as 'Blog of the Week' on the NL Blogroll.

    Hope it helps bring some traffic!

  2. Thanks Stephen - I appreciate the honour! I've added the Newfoundland and Labrador blogroll to the sidebar. I definitely recommend joining - its great exposure and an excellent way to find new and interesting blogs from the Province!


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