Monday, June 29, 2009


So, I was attacked by a dog yesterday on my long run. I also got pooped on by a caterpillar and gagged up burning bile and salsa, but the dog attack was the highlight.

I was running past a house on our street at the same time that a woman came out her front door with three big dogs on leashes. The German Shephard couldn't believe his luck, going out for a walk was exciting enough and then this big smelly chew toy comes running down the street towards him. He yanked away from his owner and ran straight at me, along with a second dog caught up in the excitement. You could tell that he wasn't being aggresive, but he was intent on catching me. I gave him my hand to smell and he bit me three times. Not hard, it didn't break the skin, but I had to go limp to calm him down, he was definitely ready to use more force if he needed to. He did break the skin on my leg with his dew claw when he grabbed me with his front paws. I have a 2 inch gash on the back of my thigh and a deep brow furrow whenever I think about his crappy owner.

It pissed me off. I'd love to have a big dog, but I don't feel we have the space, living in a row house. This person has 3 big dogs that she obviously can't handle. If you are walking 3 dogs and 2 of them get away the moment you step out the door, then you are walking at least 2 too many dogs. Its not fair to the dog and we've got toddlers and seniors living on the street that could have been really hurt by something like this. I don't blame the dog, he was just happy to be chasing something running. He probably doesn't get to do much running cooped up in an attached house with 2 other big dogs.

It was still a good weekend though. Lori and I got all the flintknapping kits finished for the Sunday workshop and the rest of this year's wholesale orders. The workshop went off without any hitches. There were 5 new knappers and everyone got their beer bottle points finished and had a chance to try some obsidian. Thanks to everyone who participated - you were a talented group! The GEO CENTRE has a good set up for this kind of workshop, so maybe I'll try again next winter. Hopefully today I can finish off my last 3 wholesale orders so that they will be ready to deliver tomorrow.

Photo Credits:
Top: Tim Rast
Bottom: Lori White

Photo Captions:
Top: My running shoes and Shuffle
Bottom: June 28th, 2009 Flintknapping workshop at the GEO CENTRE


  1. Tim...try this. Wait for that person to go outside and chase them in your very unthreatening car. You don't have to actually run anyone over, much like the dog not eating you, but you could just give them a friendly tap and some small insignificant injuries. Mostly just scrapes and broken bones and concusions and stuff. You could say sorry but my car just doesn't listen to me.

  2. That's not a bad idea. After the dogs got bored with me they ran up the street. I felt guilty at first for not helping round them up, because the owner seemed really distressed that they'd got away from her. But after runing awhile and realising that I was the one BLEEDING, my guilt passed. I hope they kept running and found a nice home in the country with lots of rabbits around.


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