Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Morning

I'm in the workshop this week. I need to finish the Korea order for the Craft Council as soon as possible. Its a very big order and I'm very close to finishing, but I had a tough time staying on task last week. The weather was very grey and cold and gloomy - it didn't make me want to go out to the shed in the morning. I left some of the outside flintknapping work unfinished and moved inside to wire and card the jewelry. The sun is out today, and I'm looking forward to the workshop, so hopefully the work will go quickly.

I had a good weekend away from work, which helps to feel re-invigourated for the start of this week. On Friday night Lori and I went out to The Rooms opening reception for the new exhibit, Encountering Grenfell: A Life and Legacy. I need to go back again for a proper look, I was chatting with friends, but it looks interesting - Wilfred Grenfell lead a pretty fascinating life. Then we went to The Big "R" for a quick supper, home with friends to drink wine and watch the hockey game and then down to George Street to watch The Novaks. They had their CD release party at the Rockhouse and it was a fantastic show - I can't wait to see them again!

Its the mid-point on the Tely10 training schedule - 6 weeks done and 6 weeks to go until the run on July 26th. Following a prepared running plan has worked out really well. I have a couple of routes that I've been running since we moved into this house 5 years ago and I've kept track of my run times. My current run times are the best they've been since 2004. I think that if I keep to the schedule for the rest of the summer I'll pass those times and have some new personal bests. The two big differences this year are the treadmill and following the training schedule. The treadmill was great over the winter and I can stick to the training schedule even on bad weather days by running inside. Having a preset run schedule, that includes scheduled days off, easy run days, and cross training days has also made a huge difference. I used to run whenever it was sunny for as long as I could and rest when it was cold and wet. There was no routine, and after seeing how effective short runs and rest days are I think I was overdoing it in the past. I was probably constantly fatigued. The program has shaved 10 minutes from my 10km run times in just 4 weeks, and I only had to run 10km once a week, with lots of short easy runs in between.

Photo Credit: Tim Rast

Photo Caption: My workshop on a sunny June morning.

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