Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Music! Craft! Food! Blogzapoppin!

A read a while ago that the secret to having a popular blog was to be generous. I've been feeling stingy lately -- here are some of the sites that I've been slow in sharing.

While you're visiting these links, why not listen to The Novaks new album? Things Fall Apart hit the stores yesterday and you can preview almost the whole album on their website. The album will play in a sperate browser window so you can leave it on in the background while you surf.

Here are links that St. John's craft producers sent me for the AGM regional report.

Blue Dragon Clay. This is Maaike Charron's blog about her adventures in hatching her new ceramic enterprise. You can follow her progress on her blog (I'm especially excited to watch her cephalopot designs come together) and you can purchase her products from her Etsy shop.

The Grey Islands. Ceramic artist Mike Flaherty is documenting a ceramic art project that he'll be undertaking on the Grey Islands, off the east coast of Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula. This promises to be a fascinating read over the upcoming months.

Hooking Our Lives. Frances Ennis sent me this link about a recent hooked mat show at the Five Island Art Gallery. Over the past winter, 20 women in St. John's worked on 30 hooked mats which were unveiled on March 8th, 2009, International Women's Day.


What Dish? My friend Tiffany has a very cool blog dedicated to food, especially good, fresh, local food. I think the hook for me came a couple weeks ago with a fajita recipe that included tequila. Tequila Fajita is fun to say. If Tolkien had heard of Tequila Fajita's I don't think he'd be so impressed with "Cellar Door".

A Wicked Scoff This is a new food blog by one of the best guys that I've ever done fieldwork with. He's got a sixth sense for food -- he just knows what works and what's going to be great. Apparently, his Extra Culinary Perception applies to other peoples cooking as well. When we worked together on the Northern Peninsula, we ate in a restaurant where I had to describe to the waitress that a poutine was fries with cheese and gravy on top. When my poutine came out, it was a plate of fries with one Kraft single draped over fries in a gravy puddle. Since that low point, he's moved to New England, where he's discovered Duck Gravy Poutine -- which I've never tried, but which, surely must be the King of Poutines.

Finally, I know you want Lori news - so I've cut out the middle man and she can now post directly to this blog. I intend to keep up my regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule, but you can expect to see posts by Lori soon. I believe she intends to explore the many benefits of having a craftsperson as a partner and why flintknappers are so easy to live with.

Photo Credits: Screen grabs from the various websites and blogs plus Lori's picture of us during the studio tours.


  1. The Kraft slice poutine broke my brain.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Tequila makes everything better :)

  3. Hi Tim, thanks for the kind words and the shout out for the blog. Keep up the good work!
    Next time you see Steve Thorn of Pothead Pottery, give him my best. We're old chums!
    PS I found artisan roasted garlic cheese curds at the grocery store tonight...I smell a poutine creation on the horizon. Stay tuned!


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