Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dark Tickle Order In Progress

Today is a workshop day - I'm finishing fibre optic points for earrings and brooches. I need over 160 fibre optic points to fill all the orders that I have scheduled between now and the middle of June, but only a small number of those are needed for the Dark Tickle order that I'm actually working on. I have 45 on the go in the workshop and I'm going to focus on finishing those today and getting the Dark Tickle order out the door before the AGM weekend.

The Dark Tickle Company makes a range of jams and sauces from Newfoundland and Labrador wild berries. They're fantastic. They operate out of an Economuseum in Griquet - a stones throw from the L'Anse aux Meadows Norse site. Economuseums are a cool concept that originated in Quebec, they are fully operational craft businesses that showcase both the modern production and the history of the craft.

You can find Elfshot products for sale in the Dark Tickle Company gift shop.

Photo Credits:
Top: Tim Rast
Bottom: Dark Tickle Company

Photo Captions:
Top: Fibre optic blanks in the workshop
Bottom: Dark Tickle Company retail area -- some of the finished Fibre Optic jewelry will be sold here.

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