Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Reproductions for Nunavut Schools

Thule and Dorset Harpoon
This is a second set of Dorset, Thule Inuit, and Historic artifact reproductions on it's way to Nunavut for inclusion in a traveling archaeology school kit that I've helped the Inuit Heritage Trust assemble over the past year or two.  In December, I visited Iqaluit for a few days to help deliver a pilot version of the program in the local high school along with Torsten Diesel from Inuit Heritage Trust and Brendan Griebel with Intuit Arctic Research.
Dorset Palaeoeskimo Artifact reproductions. Hafted microblades, tip-fluted endblade with antler harpoon head, chert scraper and knife blade, slate lance, and ground nephrite burin-like tool.

Thule Inuit artifact reproductions.  Ivory harpoon head with copper endblade, slate point, slate ulu with whalebone handle and chipped slate ulu preform.
Historic artifacts. Klik can and rifle casing.
The reproductions are buried in this 1x1m sandbox built by Brendan.  The whole kit is designed to be portable, so the sandbox collapses and fits in an action packer with all of the dig tools, artifacts, as well as the materials needed for a slate ulu making workshop.  The sand is supplied by the destination community and there is a manual with instructions for teachers to assemble the kit and lead the students through the activity.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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