Monday, June 22, 2015

Archaic Darts

The two obsidian points are hafted
in foreshafts and the chert point is
in one long 182 cm long dart.
Shaping, filing, sanding, and burnishing the dart shafts for the Northern Archaic and Ice Patch reproduction darts took several hours, but they are finally ready to begin assembling.  The birch staves are a little tougher to finish than the soft woods that I'm used to working, but I think that the end product is worth the effort.  The points and feathers will go on with the help of sinew, spruce gum, and red ochre.
May was archaeology Month in Alaska.  Jeff Rasic sent me this poster. (click to enlarge)

This drawing and the artifacts that it is based on were the references for the reproductions.

I needed to knap a new point for the ice patch dart that is heading to the Yukon.  Instead of obsidian, I used chert and the style is a small lanceolate dart point.  

The point will be secured with red ochre and spruce gum and tied down with sinew.

 Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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