Wednesday, April 22, 2015

So close...

Reproductions (R)
and Artifacts (L)
Every day more and more of the Ikaahuk artifact reproductions are become indistinguishable from the original artifacts.  On each visit now I really need to focus on how I handle the pieces so I don't end up tossing the artifacts in my reproduction box or bagging the reproductions in the artifact bags.  If I absolutely had to, I could probably hand over all the pieces as they are now and be satisfied with the outcome, but I have two more visits scheduled to make last minute adjustments.  I'm mainly working on matching the colour, breakage patterns, and texture of the originals at this point.

Ivory fishing lure reproduction (L), almost done

The Pre-Dorset Lance Heads and the awls made from old foreshafts are now completely interchangeable between reproductions (bottom) and the orignals (top) 
I'm happy with the colour and texture of the underside of the antler lance head/harpoon head.  Reproduction (bottom) and Artifact (top)
Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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