Monday, December 22, 2014

Burin-like Tool Progress

The blade is pretty securely pinched
in the handle even without lashing to
hold it in place.
The hafted burin-like tools are ready for the lashing to go on.  The two part handles create a fairly snug fit on their own.  I'm beginning to see the advantage of this style of handle.  It won't take much sinew cordage to create a secure bond between the small ground nephrite tool blade and the wood handle.  In those rare instances when Palaeoeskimo tools are found with the sinew lashing in place I'm always surprised by how little cordage was actually used.  Three or four loops of twisted sinew is about all you ever see used.  I can see that working here.

I'll probably move on to other tools in the set now that I have these burin-like tools completed to this stage.  There will be several other knives and scrapers that will require lashing and gluing, so it'll be more practical to do them all at once.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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