Friday, February 7, 2014

Learn to Flintknap in Saskatoon this March!

I'll be in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in a few weeks for a weekend flintknapping workshop.  I'm really looking forward to this.  I love how organized the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society and Saskatchewan Association of Professional Archaeologists have been with this, you can register online Here.  Its limited to 30 participants and I know its filling up already, so please register and share with your friends in Saskatchewan, today.

Photo Credit: SAS/SAPA Workshop Poster


  1. Hey,

    I noticed that in your post about the Edmonton Workshop (March 15 and 16), you mentioned the pieces that the workshop will focus on. Do you have a similar plan for the Saskatoon Workshop, or will it be focusing on other pieces? I'd like to do some background research on them beforehand.

    Justin Graves

    1. On Saturday we will be focus on learning the basics of flintknapping: hard and soft hammer percussion and pressure flaking. For new knappers this will be an opportunity to learn how stone fractures and how to turn a lump of obsidian or chert into a tool like an arrowhead, knife or scraper.

      On Sunday, we'll take the stone tools that you produce on Saturday and haft them into wood shafts or handles to create a complete tool. Its up to you what you'd like to make, but tools like scrapers, arrows, knives, drills, burins, or microblades are all doable projects. I'll be there to help you and show you a few tricks and techniques, but its your call on what you make. A lot of people make foreshafts for darts or arrows. But if there is a specific tool type that you are interested in, I can help you work towards that goal.

    2. Awesome!! Thanks. I'll be doing some thinking on what I think would be the ideal tool for me to make. Thanks for the info, I wouldn't have expected it to be such an open field in terms of what options there would be for the workshop.


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