Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last Day Find

There is a tradition in archaeology of finding something good, but complicating, on the final day of digging.  Lori found a point with a drilled hole in the last tent ring on the last site on the last day of excavating.  It looks like a lance or arrow head and is made from a dense organic material, most likely ivory or bone.
The point came out of the ground where she is working and the day before she collected a good charcoal sample from the hearth box in front of her.  Hopefully in a few months, we'll know exactly how old the point, tent ring and site are from a radiocarbon date on that charcoal.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast


  1. Or it rains on the last day...
    Nice point Lori.

    1. Thanks for that Steve - we got both. The last day of digging we found something cool, which delayed us enough that we had to go back the next day - in the pouring rain - to backfill.

  2. Nice find, could be anything from a necklace to an experimental toggle point.


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