Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Digging Tent Rings

We're in the homestretch now, working on a few final Pre-Dorset tent rings at 50 metres above sea level, before heading down to the shoreline to work on some more recent rings.

Heading into the field at the start of the year, I know the season is near when I find dairy products in stores with expiry dates after I leave home.

At the end of the year, its seeing long term weather forecasts that start to list dates after I head home that remind me that its time to savour every moment in the field before they are gone for another year.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast


  1. Hi Tim,
    Really love this blog. Do you use this style of grid system because of the mostly on-the-surface archaeology up north? Also, that fancy yellow grid - is that for accurate plan view drawings?

  2. Yeah, we have a fairly good grasp on the layout of most sites before we start digging because most of the features are visible on the surface. We lay out a north/south line and an east/west line through the middle of each structure using the total station. Usually one person will be responsible for each quadrant. We still dig and record everything in 1 x 1 m squares, but we don't necessarily string each unit individually.

    The yellow grid is for drawing. It removes the need to measure every rock - you just lay it on the finished unit and draw what you see. I reviewed the drawing grids at the end of last season:


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