Friday, March 16, 2012

MUNArch Pressure Flaking Wrap-up

We held the last of the MUNArch Flintknapping workshops this past Tuesday and Thursday.  I had a great time meeting everyone and they all did an excellent job in both the percussion workshops in February and the pressure flaking workshops this week.  We had 12 participants on Tuesday and another six on Thursday.  The MUNArch executive did a fantastic job of putting these workshops together and I really appreciate all their effort.

Hopefully, the flintknapping workshop will become an annual event in the MUNArch calendar.  No matter what your focus in archaeology, I think understanding and being able to explain to people how stone tools were made is a valuable skill for archaeology students to pick up.

Here's a sample of some of the points produced in the pressure flaking workshops. Well done, everyone!

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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