Friday, February 17, 2012

MUNArch Percussion Flintknapping, Part 2

Awesome first biface
Last night was the second MUNArch Percussion Flintknapping workshop.  With the 11 participants from last night, we had a total of 24 people turn out this week.  This is the most interest that I've seen in knapping here for years.  The MUNArch executive did a great job of organizing and pulling this all together.  We'll all be back at it next month for the Pressure Flaking workshops.

Emotions ran high

A few of the pieces turned out.  A pretty impressive toolkit, with bifaces, unifaces, points and blades.

grinding is essential
My throat was feeling pretty ragged by the end of the evening.  I've been fighting a sore throat for the past couple of days and a dry coating of silica dust really didn't help any.  But everyone did a great job.  7:30 slid by again without anyone noticing and its was well after 8 before we though about wrapping things up.  I don't think we went through as many bandaids as we did on Tuesday, but I saw a lot of red fingers.

Another good session - thanks again to MUNArch for sponsoring these workshops.

leather upholstery samples make good knee pads

We'll see these flakes again for pressure flaking.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast


  1. Hey there.
    this looks fantastic! would love to come to a workshop. am in South Africa though. too far away.
    but would like to mention... i was out picking up MSA bi-facial points earlier this week.

  2. Yeah, that would be a heck of a commute. I think the products from these workshops would sit comfortably in a Middle Stone Age collection, but I'm jealous of you getting to see the real thing.

  3. You might be able to post a link to a photo. You can post picks on my Facebook page if you like - I'm sure folks would love to see the artifacts.


      and added it to your page. :)


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