Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back at my Desk

More maps...
I'm back to the maps again.  I've finished all the site maps and all the feature maps for sites where we didn't excavate or find artifacts.  Now I'm going through the bags of artifacts and finishing up the artifact catalogs.  Once all the artifacts are accounted for, labelled and measured I plot them on their respective feature maps.

The maps have deeper stratigraphy than the sites
Since October, the end has always seemed about 4-6 weeks away. Hopefully this is the final pass through the maps.  All the rocks are digitized at this point, its just a matter of layering the artifacts in, cleaning up the lines and adding the legends, scales, and other necessary labels.  I have about 50 site and feature maps completed and there are another couple dozen feature maps left to do.  Now it seems like the end is about 3-4 weeks away.

A friend sent me this picture of me in the field. Somehow the fieldwork makes all this report writing worthwhile.  I forgot how protective I get of my lunch during the summer.

Once its in the thermos, its my coffee.

Photo Credits: 
1,2: Tim Rast
3: Claire St-Germain

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