Friday, September 23, 2011

A Few Farm Photos

Are you local?
 I'm back in Alberta for a few days visiting family and soaking up the big blue sky.  I've had great weather and some excellent road trips with my Dad and step-mom.  Tomorrow we'll head down to Cardston to check out the Remington Carriage Museum.
That's the farm where I grew up in the background.

Its been a wet year here - this creek doesn't often flow in the fall.

There's lots of hawks around.

Watching for rodents stirred up by harvest.

The hawks are floating over all the fields and pastures, hunting.

The crops look great this year.

I don't know what these little red plants are.  Some sort of little succulents living in the alkali soil.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast


  1. Great photos! Love the horse and farm panoramic shot!

  2. Absolute beauty. It looks quiet- what kind of sounds are going on? Or is it as quiet as it looks?

  3. It is pretty quiet. On the walk where I took most of these photos you could hear a few small songbirds and crows and the horses clopping across the pasture when they came to check me out. There is a little whirring rustle in the grass in front of your feet as the grasshoppers scatter ahead of you, but mostly it was just the sound of the wind rushing through the tall grass.

  4. These shots are beautiful as always Tim!


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