Monday, January 31, 2011

Tim Rast's Knob

Charles: Tim?

Me: Yes, Charles?

Charles: What would you call that over there?

Me: That thing on the horizon?

Charles: Yes.

Me: I dunno, a mountain?  Probably not a mountain though, its not quite big enough. Maybe a hill?  But its made out of rock.  A knob probably.  Yeah, I guess I'd call it a knob.

Charles: A knob?

Me: Yeah.

Charles: I'm going to call it Tim Rast's Knob.

Me: :o

Tim Rast's Knob
Photo Credits: Tim Rast


  1. I nearly blew coffee out of my nose when I saw your blog title! Well done, and.... lovely knob!

  2. fantastic! mines just down the shore and quite a bit smaller....

  3. Thanks guys - someday I'll post photos of the view from Tim Rast's Knob. Its such a big knob that you can see quite far when you are on it. Its also a good place to intercept unsuspecting caribou that try to cross over it. At some point in the past, someone waiting on top of Tim Rast's Knob built a small blind, a lean-to shelter and several caribou caches.


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