Friday, December 31, 2010

I decided to be an Archaeologist in Grade 5

Grade 5 Science Fair materials
This past September, when I was visiting Alberta, I found the first artifact reproductions that I ever made.  My dad helped me make model catapults and ballistae for a science fair project when I was in Grade 5 and they are still in a box in the basement.  This was the point in my school career that first sparked my fascination with archaeology and, apparently, projectile weapons and artifact reproductions.
Stone boat (for the projectiles), Mangonel, Trebuchet, and Battering Ram

How could a 10 year old boy NOT find that cool?

I think I added the battering ram to the collection after the science fair was over.

The mangonel was the most fun, and probably the most accurate, of the models.

Trebuchet.  This is the very first one that dad and I worked on.   I think we took some liberties with the design, but you have to start somewhere.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast


  1. Ten-year-old you gets +1 cool point for learning the correct Latin plural of "ballista".

  2. Those are spectacular, Tim. Really, really cool. Maaike, the plural of "ballista" would have been "ballistae," but I can't see where he used it above......?

  3. Scratch that. I was only looking at the text in the photos, not that of his agèd growed-up self. :-)


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