Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking for Caribou, Fox, Seal, Musk Ox Parts

Boiling caribou bones
I'm starting on a new set of reproductions soon, based on collections from the Central Arctic.  It contains some unusual materials, so I thought I'd put my shopping list up here and see if any readers might be able to help fill it.

  • 9 juvenile caribou mandibles (I need  the front half of the jawbones with the milk teeth in tact)
  • 1 caribou metatarsal/metacarpal (These are the lowest, skinny part of the leg that is usually cut off and left in the field with the feet)
  • 32 caribou dew claws (16 feet total)
  • caribou skin (raw hide or air dried, hair on or off)
  • caribou antlers
  • 60 fox foot bones (Metatarsal/metacarpals and long phalanges - the paws from 3 - 4 animals would be enough)
  • 1 musk ox horn, or horn fragment (I need a solid piece about the size of a pack of lifesavers)
  • seal skin (preferably air dried, hair on or off)
    I wish I had this now!
    Canadian sources would be preferred and since some of these parts would require paperwork to cross international and provincial borders, Newfoundland and Labrador sources would be ideal.  I don't mind cleaning them, if they are from a recently hunted or trapped animal.  For the caribou parts, I have up-to-date 2010 permits to collect and purchase moose and caribou parts from the Wildlife Division.

    Contact: 709-576-4456 or e-mail:

    Photo Credits:  Tim Rast


    1. Dear Santa
      I have been a good boy this year. For Christmas this year I would like......

    2. hmmm... I hadn't thought of that - if you count the one with the red nose, he does have 9 tiny reindeer. I'll send off a letter.

    3. If you happen to end up with a surplus of caribou metapodials, I could use some for making bone folders. Moose would also be nice . . . (We don't have caribou in NS, and moose are rare on the mainland part of the province.)


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