Wednesday, July 14, 2010

King's Point Whale Pavilion Photos

 This is the first scheduled post of the summer.  If you are anywhere near central Newfoundland this summer you have to check out the Humpback Whale Pavilion in King's Point.

A 50 foot skeleton of a female humpback whale is housed within the pavilion

Imagine rows of baleen hanging from the roof of her mouth

Looking up her nose

Her right scapula and humerus
Those three little bones hanging from the vertebrae are all that remain of the whale's hind legs
There are bones for legs she didn't have, but nothing in the wide, flat tail fins.
Those ribs (and mandibles) are big enough to build a house from.
David Hayashida and Linda Yates were two of the driving forces behind the project

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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