Monday, May 10, 2010

Knapping and Shipping

Beothuk Arrows ready to ship
The priority at work is still filling spring wholesale orders.  I have a couple orders going out the door today to shops in Brookfield and Cartwright.  I don't necessarily enjoy packing the product up, printing invoices and mailing labels, going to the post office and doing all that kind of office work, but its nice to have them on their way and out of the house.  It feels like there is so much work to do before the end of May that its a big relief to occasionally cross things off the "to do" list.
Fibre Optic Blanks to be finished
Between the tamarack splitting and baleen experiments, I had a few good days last week working on fibre optic glass blanks.  Unfortunately, I didn't get them finished before the weekend, so I'm back to work on them this morning.  Once I get these finished, I'll bring them in to the house to turn them into necklaces and earrings.  I still have plenty of things to work on it the workshop after that, but these pieces will also give me the option of some inside work to do. 

Hafted Beothuk Necklaces
If there is an upside to working on these big jewelry orders, its that it gives me a mix of indoor and outdoor work to choose from.  Even though the workshop is just in the back yard, there are some days when it just seems so wet and cold that I can't force myself to spend the day out there.  There are definitely days when its much easier to go to work if I can stay in the basement wiring jewelry with a movie on in the background.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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