Monday, April 19, 2010

Ashes and Hooded Seal Outtake

I call the little one "Bieber"
What a strange morning here.  Apparently the airport is closed because of the ash cloud drifting westward from the Iceland volcano.  I went outside to see what its like and its raining and foggy.  I couldn't smell any brimstone.  Actually the air smells really fresh - I suppose that with the water filtering through the ash its kind of like living inside a giant Brita water filter. The photo on the right shows what the air looks like this morning.  The arrowheads look like little jet planes yearning to escape into the air, but they can't because they are tied down.  Each stone represents a stranded Juno pop star, waiting to fly out of St. John's.

Recent Indian points
I'm still plugging away on the wholesale orders.  I have a batch of hafted necklaces on the stalks, ready to be trimmed, drilled, and ochred.

The hooded seal project got another nice mention on Time Machine by Heather Pringle in a post called Bravo to Archaeologists who Brave the Blogosphere.  While Working on the seal, Lori and I took a tonne of photos and videos.  Some were too weird to use right away.  Like this one of Lori inflating a 35 foot long section of seal intestine with the mattress pump.  You'll want to have the sound on to really appreciate it:

Photo Credits: Tim Rast


  1. I don't know what's funnier, the deflating intestine or Lori's giggles.

  2. hehe, I love that video!

    It is quite possibly the funniest intestine inflating video i've seen on the internet :)

  3. The very end bit reminds me of Fred Flintstone snoring.


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